Q-comply encompasses the Wta-Comply application, which helps you to be and stay "In Control" with reference to your Wta compliance relating to your license which was obtained by you from the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

With the introduction of the Wta, Bta and other regulatory requirements for accountancy firms, the rules have become more stringent. The accountants’ organisations, not the individual accountant, are now the focal point of the regulatory process. Accountancy firms retain their duty of care, so that they also need to monitor that their external accountants (still) meet the requirements that they personally need to meet. This means a broadening of your responsibility as a firm owner or compliance officer.


Balancing pragmatism and compliance

The goal of removing the worry from compliance with all license requirements for accountancy firms should be: navigating through compliance processes efficiently and effectively to ensure support of a dynamic and elaborate business environment. It is a good idea for accountants to keep reminding themselves that the Wta is principle-based. A professional, common sense approach is more important than satisfying formal requirements without any practical purpose.  It is important that the essence of the rules is satisfied. Careful consideration and its recording are important and must be facilitated as much as possible. The right software tools can support this process.

Wta-Comply delivers compliance in a pragmatic manner

easy2comply, a technological GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) solution from Dynasec, has been examined and further developed by Q-Concepts with a view to structuring, testing and reporting on Wta compliance. The Dynasec software is intuitive and flexible, which makes it easy to adapt this application to your business. Because of our cooperation with Dynasec, the software is aimed at compliance in the accountancy sector and can be adapted to the needs of your particular office quickly and easily. The main focus will always be the fact that this tool doesn’t redevelop processes, it supports them.


The Wta-Comply model offers the following advantages:

  • Reliability improvement of your reporting relating to Wta-compliance
  • Demonstrable compliance of activities as required by regulations
  • Up-to-date file if audited by the Authority for the Financial Markets
  • Immediate overview of the progress of your improvement plans
  • Pragmatic approach with proven Best Practise
  • Fast implementation without stretching your IT department
  • Complete integration possible with your risk management environment
  • Based on proven technological platform


The Wta-Comply model enables you to:

  • Structure and unify the recording of Wta requirements
  • Support your thought processes
  • Guard Wta compliance-related deadlines
  • Ensure availability of audit trail activities
  • Have a real-time overview of the status of Wta compliance-related activities
  • Use concise and convenient management dashboards and exception reporting
  • Use integrated workflows, tasks and improvement plans
  • Utilise an automated alert functionality when exceeding targets


More information:

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