FD Gazellen Awards

FD Gazellen Awards 2013 - Q-Concepts




Q-Concepts FD Gazelle in 2013 en 2014. 

Q-Concepts zoekt professionals

Q-Concepts is op zoek naar professionals die ons team komen versterken!


Q-Concepts is op zoek naar professionals die ons team komen versterken!

Accountancy Services

Are you legally obligated to carry out audits? Q-Concepts allows you to choose the service provision that suit you best! We offer three basic concepts at a competitive price; 'basic'-, 'classic'-, 'plus' audits.

We specialise in the following sectors; food industry, online and offline retail, construction and real estate.


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Interim Staffing

At times when important financial positions become vacant or the right knowledge in the right place is temporarily missing, it often seems that filling those gaps takes a long time. This might lead to a (temporary) lack of management, which may result in a diluted organisational focus. This is why we created Q-Concepts Interim.


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Audit Only

We offer a unique cooperation concept to fellow accounting firms. We can act as licensed accountants and therefore issue the statement on behalf of your client. If you do more, we do less. The benefit for you? You don’t need a WTA licence and are able to continue offering services to your clients. If desired, you can take advantage of our sector knowledge and receive support from our EDP auditor.


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Advice / Consultancy

We help businesses to gain a fundamental understanding of diverse important (market) developments that influence all areas of businesses and organisations. Creativity and clear communication results in added value that exceeds regular consultancy. We are specialised in the following areas: care institutions, housing associations and financial organisations.


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WTA Comply

Wta comply encompasses the Wta Comply for fellow accounting forms application. This application helps you to regain ‘Control’ and remain ‘In Control’ with regards to your Wta licence, obtained from the Financial Market Authority (AFM).


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Fancy a Bossche bol

You are very welcome at our office in Den Bosch where we look forward to combining business with pleasure with the help of a Bossche bol. If you would rather make an appointment for us to see you at your location, we will bring the Bossche bol to you.


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Sanitair Winkel


BIM Vastgoed

Brabant Wonen

Huis & Erf

SER Brabant

International Solar


Suitable Shop
U vindt ons aan het Hof van Zevenbergen in Den Bosch.

Q-Concepts opereert vanuit Den Bosch en is uw partner als het gaat om Accountancy, Audit Only, WTA Compliance, Interim, Advies . Voor elk type dienstverleningen bieden wij uw hoge kwaliteit tegen een faire prijs.

Onze kracht ligt in onze manier van denken en doen. We bundelen onze kennis, expertise, visies en achtergronden met die van onze partners en onze opdrachtgevers. We luisteren goed naar wat onze klanten willen en we werken liever samen dan dat we concurreren.

Hof van Zevenbergen 1c
5211 HB 's-Hertogenbosch

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