Specialists in Audit & Assurance

Q-Concepts has a unique approach with senior professionals, mostly with Big4 experience. 85% of our team is Certified Public Auditor (CPA). We have consistent teams, as our employees have made a conscious choice to join our concept. With more than 300 audits, we are ranked in the top 20 audit & assurance organisations in Netherlands.

What makes us different

Our team have in-depth understanding of their profession and first-hand experience of running a business. For optimum connection with daily practices, our professionals also fulfil interim and advisory positions within the business community. It means they are your perfect sparring partner. Our professionals don’t need song and verse, and speak your language. Immediate added value for your organisation. It goes without saying that we adhere to the rules relating to the Regulation regarding Independence (ViO).

Our ambition is to help you with further professionalisation and streamlining of your business processes. We build and sustain a long-term business relationship with you and help you to translate the complex set of guidelines into workable practical solutions. How do you assess the risks? Where are the boundaries? Is your external financial reporting adequate and internally able to provide a timely and true picture? Are you working as efficiently as you should? Are you focusing on the right issues? Where are the opportunities for achieving even better results?

Audit & Assurance services

We help a range of clients; from SMEs to housing corporations and healthcare institutions. Hands-on and with a comprehensive service package: Audit & Assurance, IT-Audit & Advisory and audit-related services. For colleague audit firms, we offer the unique Audit Only​ concept.

Overview of audit and assurance services

Can we help you with your audit & assurance issue?

Contact Cor Pijnenburg.


Due to continuous growth, we are looking for professionals across the Netherlands to join our team.


We are proud member of AGN.

Our pride

We work incredibly hard every day to achieve customer satisfaction and qualitative growth as well as personal growth.

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