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An accurate and detailed annual accounts audit, thorough figures and correct management information are indispensable for the success of your business. We advise you on optimisation of financial process management, the structure of your information systems and tailor-made design of the management controls. All the above is aimed at reliable information provision, both internally and externally. In doing so, we always respect the relevant and applicable rules of conduct and profession, and we comply with all requirements (including technical requirements).

We focus on (larger) SMEs and can rely on extensive expertise for most markets and sectors. By keeping up to date with the latest sector developments, current legislation and regulations, and actively maintaining contact with various sector organisations, we are a powerful sparring partner for your organisation.

Statutory audit of annual accounts

You are legally obliged to carry out audits if you meet two of the following criteria for two consecutive years:

  • Net turnover > 12 million Euros;
  • Balance sheet total > 6 million Euros;
  • Average number of employees > 50 FTE.

You may also choose to request a voluntary audit, for instance in case of strong growth, a substantial investment or to confirm the quality of internal controls.

Our service provision is aimed at auditing your annual accounts, an important pillar for your stakeholders’ trust in your company. Integrity of financial information, reliability of your information systems and effectiveness of the control over your business processes are important conditions for success.

As we optimise our use of your available capacity and knowledge, we can keep our costs low without losing sight of the quality!
Thanks to our “risk-based” approach, sector knowledge and unique senior professional model, we can efficiently achieve a high-quality audit at a competitive fee.

We add depth and relevance to our audit by including the internal and external factors relevant to your organisation into our audit approach and by translating these into possible risks for financial reporting We offer three basic concepts at competitive fees. You choose the service provision that best suits you!

You choose the service provision that best suits you!

We offer three audit concepts with a good balance between quality and pricing:

Audit Plus

As well as the statutory audit, we are at your disposal as your wide-ranging sparring partner, as well as benefitting from our benchmark capabilities and network. We are proactive in our thought process on the broader issues in your sector, not just the financial aspects.

  • Very high partner and manager involvement;
  • Quarterly discussions on the broader issues in the sector to safeguard close involvement and active advisory services;
  • Appealing visual reports, distinct attention to financial continuity and steering thereof.

Classic Audit

The statutory audit as an evaluation of financial functioning and accountability. You wish to further develop your administrative organisation and internal control, and your ambition is to optimise your business. You will benefit directly from our sector knowledge.  

  • Good partner and manager involvement;
  • Discussions with your and your audit team regarding the annual report audit;
  • A combined interim management letter and audit report. Directly after the interim audit, the main findings are shared with you in the form of a list with points for attention which is discussed with you.

Basic Audit

You deem only the basic principles to be relevant for an audit.

  • Your audit team will only carry out those activities required for issuing the audit report;
  • Brief and concise presentation of our audit findings during the final meeting (based on agenda);
  • Our partner and manager engagement with the assignment is sufficient to safeguard the quality of the service provided.

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