Due Diligence

A company acquisition or sale is a complex matter. You need reliable information in order to make a sound decision during the acquisition process. Information that provides you with insight into the opportunities, risks and possible issues related to the sale or acquisition. A due diligence inspection is usually carried out in case of the following:

  • Changes to overall control / ownership of a legal entity / corporate body
  • Financial transaction of some significance
  • Initial public offering
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Establishment of joint ventures

Ways in which we can help you

Q-Concepts has ample experience when it comes to due diligence and transaction-related services. In our role as due diligence advisor, we assess transactions and provide advice accordingly. Due to the interim position we fulfil within the business community, we also have extensive experience with the actual implementation/finalisation of transactions after the sale or acquisition. This means we are familiar with the perspective within an organisation and the decision-making process. By combining solid sector knowledge with our practical experience on both sides of the desk, we offer immediate added value for your organisation. We will avail ourselves of the specialised collaboration partners from our comprehensive network if necessary.

Due Diligence services

Our experienced advisors would be pleased to help you with the following subsectors:

  • Financial quick scan
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Due diligence – inspection of the books
  • Vendor due diligence - vendor assistance
  • IT due diligence


Are you curious about whether a (vendor) due diligence might also benefit you? Would you like to obtain insight into the risks of an upcoming transaction? Then please contact one of our specialists - Cor Pijnenburg / Thijs van de Schans

Can we help you with your due diligence issue?

Contact Cor Pijnenburg.


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