IT Audit

Our Q-IT Audit team consists of certified IT auditors with extensive experience at one of the Big4 audit firms, who know how to deal with audit dilemmas in a practical manner. They can help you with the following:

IT governance, risk & compliance management

Digital transformation is the order of the day. The replacement of outdated technology for dynamic (cloud) solutions. Businesses increasingly use external parties to execute IT services. The influence of legislation and regulations is an ever greater aspect in this. These developments result in issues related to integration, organisation, and responsibility. As an organisation, how do you keep a tight rein on these developments and reduce the associated risks to an acceptable level? We help you find the right balance between performance, risks and costs.

Certification audits (ISAE3402, Guideline 3000, SOC 1, 2 and 3)

Demand for the certification of service organisations (ISAE 3402, SOC 1, 2 and 3) and application software (Guideline 3000) has risen sharply. For the service organisation we focus on the internal control measures. The application software audits are focused on the (automated) functionalities in the software and, in many cases, also on the organisation of the software supplier’s General IT controls. This could include functional change management, the organisation of user rights and the continuity and availability of the application software. The audit is carried out on the basis of a generally accepted or specifically tailored framework of standards for the organisation. We can support you with the preparation and supervision of a certification audit, or we can carry out the audit independently.

Security & privacy assessments

Not a day goes by without alarming news about a cyber attack, computer virus or data leak. Organisations that ignore the risks of security threats may not have proper protection for their valuable digital information. We can support you with the setup of an effective security strategy or with testing your systems, applications and networks for (security and privacy) vulnerabilities. We are also on hand to inform you on the impact of the European privacy legislation (GDPR) that came into force on 25 May 2018.

Quality Assurance for implementations

IT implementation projects are prone to mishaps, so that the result is not always in line with expectations. Possible causes are unrealistic objectives or poor project management. We have ample experience with quality assurance for IT projects and also understand the expectations your accountant has from an audit perspective. Through timely recognition of risks, and estimating their likelihood and (financial) impact, measures can be taken well before go-live and as such, prevent any negative consequences. We assist you with our cyclical approach that follows your project phases. 

Data analytics & intelligence

You wish to analyse your data and use this information to gain insight for the purpose of achieving your business objectives and improving financial results. The aspect of increased volumes of data from various internal and external channels causes extra challenges here. We can support you with embedding business intelligence in your organisation. This could include automated reports, dashboards and analytics. Data analytics through various tools is an important development for the accountancy world too. We have a strong preference for integration of transaction (process mining) and information-focused data analysis in audits and are active - together with financial auditors - in the design and implementation of analysis strategies for the improvement of the quality of accountancy audits.

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