In-depth and broad knowledge of the Care sector

Our passion for the sector originates from the execution of audits and specific assignments for care institutions that resulted in us building our profound knowledge of the various funding streams (WLZ, ZVW, WMO, Jeugdwet and other forms of finance). Our specific strength is in the fact we work with senior professionals in stable teams. Because our professionals gained experience as auditors but have also worked ‘at the other side of the desk’ as financial specialists or someone with final responsibility, they serve as high-quality and reliable sparring partners. This is the added value as experienced by our clients.

In addition to the fact that we act as external auditors at renowned parties throughout the country, we are also involved in audit-related topics such as the recovery GGZ plan/self-audit, implementation of the compliance or internal control functionality, the transition of the Jeugdwet and WMO, monitoring of production agreements and other current topics in the care sector.

Thanks to the broad experience we have within the care sector, as well as the diversity of working procedures observed during audits, we have gained a good insight into what does and doesn’t lead to an institution being “in control”. This is where the added value of partnership lies. Due to political and demographic developments, among other things, the sector is constantly on the move. Anticipation is the magic word. Despite the unpredictability of developments in regulations, the main outline of trends and curves is clear. Is your organisation ready?

In this changing environment, Q-Concepts can assist you, the care institution, as your auditor or advisor. Our experienced professionals make all the difference!

Our role as an advisor

As well as the audits at care institutions, we provide support to care institutions for various financial roles, and advisory services related to various areas within your organisation. For example, by filling the role of financial director, head of finance, controller, or in specific projects such as self-audit and filling a compliance role, temporarily or structurally.

Our advice division has an eye for the (desired end) result and is successful, which shows from the long-term collaborations we maintain with our clients. We understand that an organisational change is also a cultural change and that is why good communication and the change process are integral to our approach. We speak the employees’ language but remain focused on the end result.

For examples of projects completed by us at care institutions, see Q-Concepts Advice.

Working together to achieve quality

We keep our tasks separate. This means that - in accordance with legislation - we do not provide advisory or interim services to care institutions where we also carry out audits. We consider this clear choice of service provision to your organisation as an advantage. We work closely with other offices for the services we provide in the “financial sphere”, whereby knowledge is shared if you approve. This achieves efficient collaboration with your service providers. One example is that another (audit and assurance) firm supports your annual accounts process and the process of creating your annual accounts, and we carry out the audit, whereby we prevent overlapping work as much as possible as far as reasonable and permitted by our professional code. We consider good harmonisation and intensive cooperation to be our core values. As an “audit only” office without tax specialists and lawyers, we are used to streamlining collaborations with your other service providers. We don’t merely do this in the care sector, but also for housing corporations and other sectors where we are the frontrunners.


Satisfied clients and business relations form the basis of our organisation. Here is a selection of some of the clients in our portfolio. 

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Due to continuous growth, we are looking for professionals across the Netherlands to join our team.


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Our pride

We work incredibly hard every day to achieve customer satisfaction and qualitative growth as well as personal growth.

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