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In-depth knowledge of the Housing Corporation sector

Our passion for the sector originates from the execution of audits for housing corporations. Thanks to the experience we have in this sector, as well as the diversity of working procedures observed during audits, we have gained a good insight into what does and doesn’t lead to a corporation being “in control”. With the new Housing Act and the new RJ 645, there is plenty of movement in this sector. Anticipation is the magic word. Despite the unpredictability of developments in regulations, the main outline of trends and curves is clear.

Is your organisation ready for this? In this changing environment, Q-Concepts can assist you as your auditor and your advisor.

Q-Concepts – this is what we stand for

Q stands for “Quality”. We solely work with senior professionals, we don’t use assistants. This means you only deal with experienced staff who mostly not only have extensive experience as auditors for housing corporations, but are also familiar with interim positions within the sector. For example, as interim auditor or to support processing as a result of the new Housing Act, including more specifically the transition from valuation to current value and advisory roles for the implementation of an auditor’s position. The result is far-reaching sector knowledge that goes further than merely checking figures. We are available as your in-depth sparring partner and the advantage of our knowledge is that we know “the other side of the desk”, so that we can provide in-depth knowledge, and pragmatic and workable solutions. Which only benefits quality in the end.

Working together to achieve quality

We keep our tasks separate. This means that - in accordance with legislation - we do not provide advisory or interim services to corporations where we also carry out audits. We consider this clear choice of service provision to your organisation as an advantage. We work closely with other offices for the services we provide in the “financial sphere”, whereby knowledge is shared if you approve. This achieves efficient collaboration with your service providers. One example is that another (audit and assurance) firm supports your annual accounts process and the process of creating your annual accounts and/or DVI, and we carry out the audit, whereby we prevent overlapping work as much as possible as far as reasonable and permitted by our professional code. We consider good harmonisation and intensive cooperation to be our core values. As an “audit only” office without tax specialists and lawyers, we are used to streamlining collaborations with your other service providers. We don’t merely do this in the corporation sector, but also in the care sector and other sectors that we often work in.

Our role as an advisor

As well as the audits at (non-OOB) corporations, we provide support to housing corporations for various financial roles, and advisory services related to various areas within your organisation. For example, by filling an auditor’s role, or policy officer, head of administration or project controller. For examples of projects completed by us at housing corporations, see Q-Concepts Advice.

Examples of projects completed by us at corporations:

  • Interpretation of the controller role from the Housing Act perspective
  • Support with the annual accounts reporting process
  • Support with drafting property valuations for both enterprise value and market value
  • Preparation of financial multiannual prognoses
  • Optimisation and guidance for the budgetary path
  • Support with DVI/DPI preparation
  • Support with compiling data for Corpodata
  • Support with the implementation of the Housing Act
  • Risk management paths/Internal control optimisation
  • Preparation and implementation of an internal audit plan
  • Execution of internal audits
  • Refinement of (investment) policy, returns ideology/investment frameworks
  • Analysis and optimisation of management and accountability information
  • Review and optimisation of property valuation system
  • Sector-specific software knowledge: WALS/FMP, ORTEC-GO

Collaboration with others

We increasingly recognise that housing corporations have a desire and need for collaboration. The above is part of the reason we took the initiative to establish a knowledge platform for housing corporations: Wocoinfo. This is a low-threshold platform for all housing corporations, particularly in the southeast of the Netherlands. The initiators of Wocoinfo have relevant knowledge and experience that benefit housing corporations in areas such as employment law, tenancy law, fiscal matters, audits, notarial practices and IT audits. The aim of this platform is to make knowledge and experiences of both the initiators of Wocoinfo and the housing corporations accessible in a simple manner.


Satisfied clients and business relations for the basis of our organisation. Here is a selection of some of the clients in our portfolio.

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