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Broad knowledge of the SME sector

We assist various clients, from SMEs to larger (international) organisations. Satisfied clients and business relations form the basis of our fast-growing organisation. Our specialists are experts in almost all markets and sectors. In addition to being experts in your field, they are also in the know about developments in your sector. It means they can offer proactive advice and support.

With our personal approach, the use of fixed teams of senior professionals, and short yet clear lines of communication, we make a difference. As your discussion partner and - more importantly - by way of our quality services and pricing structure. Our service provision is characterised by our pragmatic working methods and our no-nonsense mentality. Clients also appreciate our personal approach: we are never side-tracked by an individual issue, but will always continue to search for the story behind your question. As smb auditors , we check the accuracy of your financial information and provide you with practical tips and insights that will help you move forward with your business operations.  

Below is a selection of the sectors we serve within the smb community and the expertise we have to offer.

Food industry

Technological innovation, sustainability and scaling-up are important themes along the entire chain. In addition, there are indirect issues surrounding continuity and succession within family businesses. Martijn Boelhouwers and Cor Pijnenburg are discussion partners for entrepreneurs in the agrifood, food retail or food service sectors for various segments of business operations, such as: sustainability, business strategy, scale, consolidation, internationalisation.

Online and offline retail

The complexity in the market for retail and consumer goods has increased over the past years. Competition within the Dutch market is growing and the margins and prices are under pressure. The biggest influence on these changes comes from the altered consumer behaviour, legislation is tightened and the technological possibilities are expanding. At Q-Concepts, your discussions partners are Cor Pijnenburg and Martijn Boelhouwers, for entrepreneurs in relation to various segments of business operations; sustainability, scale, consolidation, omnichannel, margin management, and supply chain management.

Property and Construction

New developments demand continuous finetuning of your operational management. After all, the construction and property sector is highly dynamic. Our professionals are aware of these developments and are keen to enter into dialogue with you. At Q-Concepts, your discussion partners are Boudewijn Daris and Cor Pijnenburg, for topics such as sustainability, scale, consolidation, risk management, and yield enhancement.

Professional football organisations

The sporting achievements as well as the financial performance of professional organisations are receiving increasing publicity. Healthy operational management and further professionalisation are current and necessary topics. We have gained extensive experience in service provision to professional football organisations. Our specialist Wilko de Vos is ready to help you with the specific KNVB guidelines for financial reporting. 


Decentralisation, deregulation and cost savings are the order of the day in the education sector. Entrepreneurship and adequate management is required for correct control and management of an educational establishment. As well as checking your annual accounts and funding information, we are happy to get involved in your thought processes related to optimising your internal processes and streamlining your financial information provision. Our sector specialist Erik Kalnenek would be pleased to help you.

Local government

Cost savings and transformation are current themes within local government. It is particularly in these transforming markets where we can see the added value of the utilisation of our knowledge, expertise and pragmatic approach.  By investing in attracting experienced professionals and new talent with with local authority sector knowledge gained at the Big Four, we have an in-house, stable foundation for (Assurance) service provision to clients in this sector. Through constant investment in knowledge and quality, we will further expand our position in this market segment. Erik Kalnenek translates current developments and insights into topical advice and practical support for your organisation.


Satisfied clients and business relations for the basis of our organisation. Here is a selection of some of the clients in our portfolio. 

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